Solar Panel Mounts Made In Canada

As with every product we fabricate, we’re very flexible with the various processes and as a result, our solar mounts are designed to hold the panels in various configurations. With our innovative designs and manufacturing, our mounts will outlast any harsh exterior environments.

We also work with solar mount installers to ensure our customized mounts fit into their new environment. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a customized solar mounts that will attain the best results for your needs.

Metal Fabrication – Solar Panel Mounts

At present, manufacturers involved in metal fabrication are increasingly finding orders for mass fabrication of solar panel mounting fixtures and brackets.

Most clients require that these mounts conform to specific design specifications. AWP fabrication is a company that can meet all design requirements in terms of design parameters, features, and optional design specifications. We employ trained people using precision CNC fabrication machines that ensure accuracy as well as faster production runs for quick turnaround requirements.

We consult frequently with clients to ensure that the design process accurately follows clients’ engineered design specifications.

Our planning process starts with listening to the needs of our clients. Through this planning process, we acquire all the necessary information. We know that the designs and specifications for solar panel mounting depend on their size and the location. Once we establish the needed end result, we move on to the mounting designs.

Solar Panel Mounts Canada

Because most solar mounts require different mounting setups, we offer several alternatives, and provide drawings that will inform our clients during the decision-making process. We also share our knowledge of a variety of solar panel brands.

The location of the solar panel mounts is usually determined by the installation, structure, size, and zoning of the solar panels. Our custom-designed solar panel mounts are usually placed on the ground, rooftops, and poles.

We use superior metal fabrication machinery including CNC laser cutting, CNC forming, and robotic welding. Robotic welders are able to access the hidden joints of the panel mounts, which otherwise may be difficult to weld accurately and quickly. The sophisticated CNC tooling machines aid in the fabricating of complex custom solar panel mounts, especially for large industrial solar panels.

Depending on the nature and the size of the solar panel to be installed, the choice of whether to install flush mounting, tilt mounting, or ground mounting normally relies on the advice of the installation technician. Upon request, we can provide all types of solar panel mounts in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. We fabricate solar mounts to accurately hold all fabricated solar panel brands.

The solar panel mounts are custom-made for each solar panel so that the panels are strategically placed to be exposed to maximum sunlight and offer maximum efficiency. In some cases, our project manager or our sales associate will visit the client’s location and bring information back to our design engineers. We perform this extra service at no charge. Our goal is to fabricate the best custom solar panels on the market.

Our 120,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is tooled up with a CNC laser cutter, CNC forming, and a robotic welder. The use of CNC machines and experienced employees enables us to fabricate quality solar panel mounts within a quick turnaround time. All CNC machines offer perfection, accuracy, and consistency. At AWP, we like to think that our production process is flawless.

We have the people and capabilities to exceed your expectations. Our metal fabrication services will offer our clients quality, over-the-top customer service, and quick turnaround times.

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