Electric Chassis Fabrication

We understand that electric chassis act as the primary foundation of a rack mounting set-up. With this in mind, we design chassis that integrate with all components. We find in most cases, dimensions are critical! Our sheet metal fabrication process will ensure that high precision alignment among the different components takes place.

At AWP , we can fabricate a variety of materials and material thicknesses. Contact us and we will structure a method to suit your needs.

electric chassis fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication – Electric Chassis

We understand that electric chassis are the body framework or the skeleton of various electric devices. Therefore we are very cognisant of the internal components, external housing, and their environment.

The complexity in fabricating the electric chassis will depend on the equipment the chassis are housed in. Fabricating bigger chassis for electric plants may not be as complex as customising chassis for smaller component type applications. The time and the level of expertise required will also be determined by the nature of the designs and the application.

AWP designers turn the client’s ideas and concepts into engineering designs, which can then be implemented for mass production. Engineering design and the sheet metal fabrication process will depend on the electric chassis’s industrial usage.

Our engineers always consult with our clients so that we can understand their needs and ideas. In some cases, we offer alternative designs that are in tandem with clients’ requirements. We only commence with the metal fabrication process after all design specifications are actualised.

To align the electric chassis with their specified components, we produce a prototype and test our custom designed chassis skeleton. If the fabricated electric chassis fits accurately and connects with the intended design specifications, we proceed to our production run. We test to verify that the chassis function will achieve the desired result and accurately support the client’s intended application.

At our 120,000 square foot facility, we have the ability to fabricate large orders as well as small prototype orders. We fabricate all of the elements of the electric chassis in-house. AWP uses CNC equipment during the sheet metal fabrication process. Our full line of CNC equipment includes: a CNC laser cutter, CNC punch, CNC router and, most importantly, our robotic welder. When fabricating electric chassis designed to integrate with very small electric components, our robotic welder is used to reach hidden areas of the electric chassis skeleton. It accurately welds parts that are hidden and difficult to weld with mig welders.

The turnaround time to fabricate electric chassis will depend on the design requirements and the volume of work. We are tooled up to provide quick turnaround time for our clients. We offer competitive prices, and our experienced engineers and CNC equipment will always deliver within the stipulated timeline.

We are here to exceed your expectations.