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Whether it’s entry gates, brackets or chassis, AWP has the knowledge and design team to fabricate aesthetically pleasing stainless steel railings that suit your surrounding staircase and room layout. We understand that our custom railings need to fit flawlessly within a specified structure. As a value added service, we can be involved in the installation process.

Our prime objective is to fabricate stainless steel railings that offer function, beauty and value for your home or development. Give us a call.

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Stainless Steel Fabrication – Custom Railings

We are known for stainless steel fabrication, and can fabricate various designs that conform to commercial and industrial use. Our people will work with our clients to design industrial railings for various applications.

There are numerous factors to consider when fabricating industrial railings, such as user safety, the durability of the materials used, and their surroundings. The environment in which they are placed will impact the design and materials.

Industrial railings are used in many parts of the industry, such as the loading dock, the overhead crane system, industrial stairs, swing gates, and ramps for transporting goods. The use of industrial railings varies depending on the industry.

In most cases, industrial railings are designed to provide a safe work environment. Some of the protection measures include barriers along the railings, roof edge protection to prevent falls, and safety access railings.

We design our custom industrial railings to fit accurately with the existing structures. We employ experienced engineers who will take into account every possible detail. We travel to the location and perform an inspection. The engineered designs are produced after carefully studying the existing structures and listening to the client’s preferences and design specifications.

When designing an industrial railing to fit into your manufacturing plant or industrial facility, our main objective is to align all railing components accurately into the new installation. We also view the small details of the landscape, which can often change future specifications. We look for things like ease of accessibility, no interference with existing production, and no hindrance of safety pathways. We do all the work beforehand so that our custom railings will mount seamlessly into your facility. Our precision thinking offers an advantage for our clients.

In order to fabricate the best industrial railings, we listen to the client’s ideas and concept. Then we offer alternative ideas and variations. Before incorporating our suggestions into the design, we give the client an opportunity to choose the best options.

Our mandate is to provide solutions or suggestions that will enhance our client’s ideas and designs. In most cases, we do not charge our clients for consultation or design support.

At our 120,000 square foot facility, we have automated CNC fabrication capabilities that will fabricate the entire production run in-house. From concept to completion, we can provide one-stop fabrication services. For more detailed information about our capabilities, please view our capabilities page.

We are committed to fabricating quality industrial railings for our clients. We provide an attention-to-detail mindset, reliable services, on-time completion, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Our skilled engineers’ experience and our project managers’ expertise will ensure that stainless steel fabrication process will deliver quality work that will exceed the client’s expectations.

Choose AWP, we are a leading metal and plastic fabrication company based in British Columbia, Canada.

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