Custom Enclosure Boxes

We have the ability to produce electrical computer custom rack and custom outdoor enclosure boxes. Our production process allows us to manufacture a custom enclosure that produces tight tolerances.

Our experience and knowledge in fabricating detail and complex designs have been invaluable to our clients. Give AWP a call and we will structure a method that can produce your desired results.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication – Enclosure Boxes

At AWP, we are known for custom custom sheet metal fabrication. We have the knowledge and experience to fabricate various enclosure boxes to suit all industrial applications.

Our sheet metal fabricating background and knowledge help us produce enclosure boxes that will work as they are intended to work.

When fabricating metal in order to custom design an enclosure boxes, we take all of the details into consideration: the enclosure boxes’ surroundings, the components inside the casing, the environment, wire and cables, and our client’s desired outcome.

There are also a number of requirements that we consider in every enclosure boxes application:
• Security from electrically charged wires and short circuits. We make sure the enclosure boxes design is engineered to be secure.
• Durability is yet another factor. Quality materials are used to deliver electric boxes.
• Accessibility of electrical components for possible upgrade and regular maintenance is guaranteed.

metal fabrication design

The metal fabrication of custom enclosure boxes requires expertise and knowledge. We need to fabricate boxes that can accommodate our client’s requirements as well as other engineering functions.

At AWP, we don’t view enclosure boxes as simply a fabricated sheet metal exterior box; we take great pride in delivering enclosure boxes that will always outperform our clients’ initial expectations. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable project managers always consult with our clients on various options and configurations. In some cases, if required, they will visit the job site and log data. They will help decrease costs as well as increase efficiency.

We recognise that communication and knowledge sharing are vital. We allow our clients free access to our engineers and offer our clients engineering assistance at no additional charge. Since its inception, AWP has provided design assistance for the fabrication industry. From project managers to engineers, our objective is to provide a great communicative environment where we can offer our clients ideas, suggestions, and alternatives.

By incorporating our state-of-the-art in-house automated equipment, such as CNC machines, laser cutters, robotic welders, a variety of bending machines, and stainless steel hole punchers, we can deliver quality and quick turnaround times. These fabrication capabilities help to ensure that the stainless steel components are created to the customer’s exact specifications.

All jobs are done in-house. This makes it possible for us to be flexible and make quick changes. It also allows us to develop prototypes that our client can view and add to their request.

To ensure that all of the requirements are met with the highest quality, the metal fabricating process is performed through a series of meticulous inspections. We make sure that our clients’ expectations are fulfilled, and we deliver an enclosure boxes that fits flawlessly and works as it is intended to work.

We fabricate enclosure boxes for longevity, and will offer our clients cost savings in terms of regular maintenance and unnecessary replacement. At AWP, our custom sheet metal fabrication philosophy has branded our reputation as a company that is fully committed to quality and process innovation. Furthermore, all of our clients can expect exceptional service and on-time delivery.

We will exceed your expectations. Choose AWP, a leading metal and plastic fabrication company based in British Columbia, Canada.

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