Custom Carts Made In British Columbia

With our metal fabrication methods, AWP will provide you with several cart applications that offer solution options for your material carting needs. Each cart is designed and fabricated to last. The carts transport delicate and heavy loads smoothly over any surface.

We design a variety of cart configurations such as warehouse, fluid handling, impact resistant, adjustable panel, medical and wire shelving carts. Call us and AWP will fabricate a variety of options and accessories.

Custom Carts Fabrication

Metal Fabrication – Custom Carts

AWP is in the business of metal fabrication and design assistance. When it comes to fabricating a custom cart, we offer an advantage. We can fabricate alternative designs that suit a variety of custom cart applications.

We believe it takes knowhow to fabricate the right custom cart. We have experience in understanding a variety of both industrial and location requirements. We can fabricate custom carts in different sizes, shapes, and strengths.

Custom carts aren’t a simple fabricated add-on product to our custom metal fabricated product list, but a unique item that demands attention to detail.

The main benefit of fabricating a custom cart at AWP is our design department. Prior to starting production, we visit our client’s location. We view their systems of operation. We try to think of ideas that they haven’t thought of. We bring a list of ideas back to our think tank. Our project manager will have a discussion with our engineers, production department, and management.

AWP engineers turn the client’s ideas and concepts into engineering designs. Our engineers always consult with our clients so that we can understand their needs and ideas. After we discuss a range of possibilities, we offer options and alternatives that will enhance the design specifications. We consider all requirements, such as: ease of cleaning, dust-free surfaces, and rubber or metal casters. If necessary, we will powder coat the custom cart to suit environmental conditions. We design the client’s carts to suit the environment and not the other way around. We only commence with the fabrication process after all design specifications are authorised.

We understand that there are different needs for different applications. We will fabricate a custom cart that will do the job perfectly. We have the experience and capabilities to design carts from heavy duty to light weight for all industrial needs, such as medical, industrial, warehousing, utilities, and storage. We can offer heavy load carts, platform carts, shelf carts, transport carts, air cushion carts, dolly carts, clean room carts, stainless steel carts, and trolley carts. Depending on your needs, AWP can fabricate a custom cart that will suit any application.

We fabricate custom carts using the latest CNC technology.
The Mazak CNC laser cutter will provide accurate precision cuts.
The CNC stripped punch machine will punch any type of geometric configuration.
The CNC press brake will bend, form, and any shape including a multiple angled product.
The robotic welder providing strong rapid welds that are always accurate.

We will ensure that the custom cart we fabricate will work efficiently for your operations. Our custom cart will perform as it is intended to perform. Our people and our metal fabrication program will exceed your expectations.

Choose AWP, a leading metal and plastic fabrication company based out of British Columbia, Canada.

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