Custom Brackets Manufactured in British Columbia

Custom Brackets British Columbia

With the understanding that brackets are produced as a support component that positions items at right angles, we utilize our experienced designers to integrate brackets with other components.

The brackets we produce are designed to support a variety of applications such as angle brackets, supports, wall mounts, folding, “U” shaped, servers, “Z” shaped and structural brackets. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Metal Fabrication – Custom Fabricating Metal Brackets

The most important aspect of customising our clients’ requirements is a clear understanding of our client’s needs and the fabrication process itself, after which we focus on quality, precision, and quick turnaround time.

We fabricate metal brackets for a variety of industries, such as industrial, construction, and manufacturing. Our custom design brackets are capable of connecting heavy duty components as well as light mechanical components.

Custom metal brackets are fabricated in a range of materials including aluminium, milled steel, and stainless steel. Once fabricated, the metal brackets can be anodised, electroplated, enamelled, or galvanised to give a protective finish.

We use automated precision CNC machines, including a CNC laser cutter, and CNC brake presses. The Mazak laser cutter will provide accurate precision cuts, and will cut light gauges of material up to 300” per minute. The CNC stripped punch machine has the ability to punch any type of geometric configuration, and can punch holes at a rate of up to 300 punch/min.

Our robotic welder, with its rapid accurate welds, can weld strong reinforced custom brackets using quality welds.

Since custom brackets are primarily used for industrial parts, we design the brackets with the end user in mind. We consult with our clients about the requirements to make sure we clearly understand their specifications. At AWP, we transform the client’s ideas and drawing concepts into engineering designs. We also offer our clients alternative ideas before commencing the fabricating process. When we fabricate custom brackets, we consider the method by which the brackets will connect to their mechanical components.

We work with the client through the fitting process. We want to make sure that our brackets fit accurately into the desired component configurations. Our metal fabrication process will ensure results.

Choose AWP. We have the people and capabilities to exceed your expectations. We are a leading metal and plastic fabrication company based in British Columbia, Canada.

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