Straight and Cut Machine

Straight & Cut Machine

Straight and cut of round rods coiled in 3000 lb bundles is achieved by placing the 3000 lb coiled wire on an automatic payoff. This coil will feed into a revolving spinner equipped with an electronic activator which will tell the cutter or shear when to cut the material.

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Our machines can cut a variety of gauges from 16 ga to 3/8”.

Length, Width & Depth

Our straightener can cut wire from ¾” long to a maximum of 20’ long.


This speed is mostly determined by the wire diameter. Our maximum speed is above 6500 feet/hour.


We can work with the following: aluminum (all alloys), brass, cold rolled steel, copper, pre-galvanized, high strength steel and low strength and high alloy, hot rolled steel and stainless steel.