Robot Welding

Robot Welding Machine

As with all equipment at AWP, our robot welding machine technology does not only perform complex tasks within irregular and regular shaped working areas, but also has the distinction of optimizing its robotic arms with a rotating wrist as it enables the welder to perform a variety of extended range of motions. This capability is suited for rapid accurate welds, which makes it ideal for high volume repetitive tasks.

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This machine is tooled to process .025” to .045” solid welding wire. This wire will mig weld any steel or stainless steel low carbon from 20 ga to .500” thick. If the material is over .500” in thickness, we will use a different process.

Length, Width & Depth

This machine can weld products as large as: 7' long x 3' wide x 3' deep. Our Roboweld can perform four different welding patterns in one cycle, therefore it can facilitate and expedite the fabricating process of complex parts.


Our roboweld can quickly move to 70 km/hr which is more than 3 times the speed of a manual operation. In addition, it has four welding zones, and they can effectively be set up to allow the welding to operate continuously while the operator can load and unload the zones without interruption.


This machine is set to weld hot and cold rolled steel, pre-galvanized steel, all stainless steel and with a special set up, can be tooled to weld aluminum tubing.

Run Volume

As this machine can weld up to 3 times faster than that of a manual welder, and takes significant time to adequately set up and program, we will consider medium and large runs only for repeat runs. Because the robot welder retains programs in its memory, repeat set ups can take place in as little as two hours. Please call us to see how AWP can produce your products in an efficient, cost effective process.


This machine will weld parts with very small tolerances. The jigging fixture will play a large part. The jig will be designed and made in relation to the product accuracy and the size required.