Mig Welder 6 Station

AWP’s Mig Welders

AWP has six state of the art mig welding stations. Every station has three Millermatic welders that are wire feeders, arc welding machines and tig welders. This mig welding process is achieved by melting and feeding melted material through high intensity current to two pieces of material with a special gun by a skilled ticketed operator. We at AWP are qualified to work with very thin gauges from 16 ga up to 1” or more.

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Length, Width & Depth

Though we can perform welds on product over 20’, we prefer to contain our size up to 20’ x 6’.


The speed is relative to the size, shape and nature of the product.


We can mig weld, tig weld and arc weld aluminum, cold rolled steel, hot rolled, low alloy, pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron and we can also braze copper and brass.