Jig Spot Welding

Jig Spot Welding

This equipment is a jig resistance welding machine. This Resistance welding equipment is designed to perform welds by inducing high current and low voltage to two or more pieces of metal by producing intense heat.

The end result is the pieces of metal will fuse and weld together. This process is controlled by timings in 60th of a second cycles, by a computer which is programmed by a skilled operator of twenty-two years of experience.

AWP British Columbia

AWP is a leading company in British Columbia, Canada. We are proud to offer jig spot welding as a service to our clients.

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Our Versa Weld can weld rods or flat metal from 16 ga to 3/8” wire depending on the nature of the product.

Length, Width & Depth

Our Versa Weld can weld product smaller than 1” x 1” to a maximum of 3’ x 7.5’


Though the welding speed is elevated, it is limited to the human operater speed as the machine is continuously working while the operator loads and unloads the machine.


Resistance welding works well with metals such as cold rolled steel, pregalvanized, high strength-low alloy steel, stainless steel and all alloy-low carbon steel.

Run Volume

Everything from prototypes, small, medium and large runs are welcome.