3-Axis CNC Breaking

Haco 3 axis CNC Breaking Machine

In addition to our Haco 9 axis CNC machine, AWP provides the flexibility of offering our Haco 3 axis CNC breaking machine. This unit bends and forms channeled beams, square and rectangular. Our processes and knowledge will determine the best method for production.

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Our Haco will accurately break material up to .250” thick depending on the size of the material.

Length, Width & Depth

This machine has a bed size of 10’ and therefore we set our limits to those dimensions.


The speed of this machine is limited to 250 strokes per hour.

Run Volume

We can produce prototypes, small, medium and large runs.


Considering this is a large machine, its accuracy is maintained between 0.003”-0,004”.


This machine comes with a 140 ton capacity.