CNC Wire Forming Machine

CNC Wire Forming Machine

The advantage of this CNC wire forming machine is that a coil up to 3000lbs can be placed on an automatic carousel, which will feed a two head wire forming machine. This machine will straight shape configurations such as round, squares, arc or any combination of shapes. Then it will cut it to the exact length and then butt weld it before releasing the part in a container.

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Our CNC machine is capable of running gauges from 16 ga up to 3/8” of metal wire.

Length, Width & Depth

Our CNC bending machine will bend diversified frame shapes from 1” x 2” up to 3’ x 5’on a maximum 3/8” diameter rod.


Our CNC bender will straighten, cut, bend and butt weld up to 1000 pcs/hr. This is dependant on size of product.


Our machine is tooled up for round steel or stainless steel which also includes; cold rolled steel, high strength steel, pre-galvanized, steel alloys, titanium, zinc, copper and aluminum.

Run Volume

Everything from prototypes, small, medium and large runs.