CNC Spot Welder

CNC Spot Welder

AWP’s CNC Spot Welder is a piece of equipment designed to perform welds by inducing high current and low voltage to two or more pieces of metal. This is done by producing intense heat so the pieces of metal will fuse and weld together. This process is highly controlled by timings in 1/60 of a second cycles. A sophisticated computer is programmed by a skilled operator with ten years experience.

Our Spot Welder is highly efficient and helps us to be a leader in the metal fabrication industry in British Columbia, Canada.

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Our Shlatter machine can weld steel rods from 16ga to 3/8" diameter or pregalvanizede steel, and with a special set up, we can weld stainless steel.. `

Length, Width & Depth

Our Shlatter machine can weld panels up to 20’ This machine can weld up to 4’ panels.


This sophisticated up to date machine can do up to 20 spot welds at a time, with a frequency of up to 200 cycles per minute. This is dependant on the particular product, size and shape.


This equipment is set to weld; cold rolled steel, high strength-low alloy steel, all alloy- low carbon steel.

Run Volume

Everything from prototypes to small, medium and large runs.