CNC 9-Axis Press Break

CNC 9 Axis Press Break

The cnc 9 axis press break sheet metal bending machine provides sophisticated capabilities which offer precise accuracy which is free from the traditional method of bending. Because this machine offers high volume runs, the machine can continuously configure nine bends without the need to stop or reset. AWP has the ability to manufacture complex enclosure boxes as well as stylized folded components and multi-part assemblies. This machine provides standard bends, tight mandrel bends, and large sweeping roll bends. Our process and knowledge will determine the best method of production.

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From 16 ga to .250” depending on size.

Length, Width & Depth

This machine has a 6’ bed and therefore is limited to parts up to 6’ in length.


The Amada 9-axis press break have a great advantage in speed, and is adept at performing complex bends and multi angles. It is limited to 350 strokes per hour.


We press break any type of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. We also include the following materials: aluminum, hot and cold rolled steel, brass, copper, zinc, pre-finished metal, pre-galvanized metal and some plastics.

Run Volume

We can produce prototypes, small, medium and large runs.


This machine has the ability to perform breaks within 0.002” and can keep this accuracy within the run.


Though our Amada 9-axis press break has a 60 ton capacity, other in house equipment will go up to 140 ton capacity.