3D CNC Wire Bending

3D CNC Wire Bending

The 3D CNC Wire Bending Robomac is set up to perform a wide range of wire forming operations from the simplistic, to detailed three-dimensional configurations. We at AWP utilize our three-axis wire forming machine that can straight cut and form wire automatically, and due to the precision of our CNC wire forming, the robomac can provide consistent precision on every project. Finally, our processes and knowledge will determine the best method for the project.

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1/16” to .250” gauge mild steel. This gauge is very well accepted by the Robomac.

Length, Width & Depth

These dimensions are limited to the wire strength. Although the machine has a limited of 7’ in length, 6’ wide and 6’ in height, only certain products can be made in all three of these dimension ceilings without being damaged by the next operation. This machine’s functions perform very well with 1’ x 2’ x 2’ 3-dimensional and 2’ x 6’ 2-dimensional configurations.


This machine can feed material through up to 3000ft/hr, but the bending process will determine how fast a complete part can be made. A complex part which comes with several bends with many degrees of angles can be very complex; therefore the speed of completing the product could be significantly reduced.


We work with the following materials: mild cold rolled steel, high tensile carbon steel, stainless steel, all aluminum alloys, copper and zinc.

Run Volume

Although we accept prototypes, this machine is set up for medium and large runs. It should be noted this machine can be set up and programmed to run without supervision. Call us for more information.


This remarkable machine will send accurate impulses to its bending and cutting stations. The impulses are calculated in less than 1/60 cycle but due to the wire shape, tensile, finish, temperatures and consistency of finishes, the end result is 0.003” to 0.005” precision.