Albertsons Mobile Produce Ice Box

AWP Manufactures Mobile Produce Ice Box For Albertsons

At AWP we manufacture & design customized storage and display solutions for our North American clients from our production facility, located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.


The Mobile Produce Ice Bin (as seen in the picture above), is built in an Orchard Style and features custom company branding.

AWP will be delivering this in-house designed & manufactured produce bin to a new Albertsons Grocery Store in Catalina, California.

AWP Mobile Produce Ice Box Organic

This mobile produce ice bin was constructed with a 3-layer system.
 It was designed with optimal functionality in mind.

The 1st layer holds a tray which acts as a reservoir.
It is responsible for catching the melting ice and prevents the pooling of water.

The 2nd layer is an irrigated tray which is designed to fit inside the reservoir tray (1st layer).
This tray holds the ice. What is special about this tray is, that it fits on a lip that is specifically designed for that purpose.

Finally, the 3rd layer is designed to sit on top of the reservoir.
This layer covers the ice, in a way that allows the produce to remain cool while preventing it from getting submerged into the melting ice water.

Produce Ice Box Diagram

Exploded View Of Ice Box

The unique feature of this mobile produce ice box is the integrated drain system.
This system features an on/off valve (seen in the image below) which is easy to access & operate from the hinged side door.


If your business is looking for high quality, handcrafted produce storage solutions you can contact us with a specific design in mind.
Alternatively, our design team can assist you in creating the display solution that suits your business best.
Our friendly design and production teams have many years of experience in the metal, plastic & wood fabrication industry, and are ready to assist you with your project.

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