AWP Produces Albertsons Banana Table

AWP Produces Albertsons Banana & Produce Table

At AWP we manufacture & design customized produce tables & displays for our North American clients from our production facility, located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

This handcrafted Banana & Produce Table with built-in Scale Holders was built for the Albertsons Grocery Store chain. We produced this table from design to manufacturing. AWP will be delivering this custom-built table to a new Albertsons store in Catalina, California.

Albertsons Banana Table Handcrafted Produce Table View 1

The table was specially designed to eloquently display banana’s and various other fruits with being shrink cautious in mind. Another feature is, that the top surface features a designated area for multiple produce scales to allow for additional functionality. 
The T-shaped metal bar is designed to hold the scales which is also fabricated by AWP.

Albertsons Banana Table Handcrafted Produce Table View 2

Most noteworthy is the unique curvature of the main display section, designed with extra shelving for a clean eye-catching display. Therefore, the table offers more surface area for the desired products to be displayed on. Because of these features it provides an optimal use of store area.

Finally, the application of the company’s custom branding on the wood panels is one of our services that we are proud to offer. This is another way to show how AWP meets & exceeds our clients’ expectations in the areas of Quality, Design and Functionality. With our experience in metal, wood and plastic fabrication, we were able to produce and design this produce table in-house.

The dimensions of this produce table are:

x Height: 4′ 1 & 7/8″

x Length: 12′ 2 & 7/8″

x Width: 6′ 4  & 3/8″

You can contact us with a specific design in mind, or let our design team assist you in creating the display solution that suits your business best. Our design and production team have many years of experience in the metal, plastic & wood fabrication industry.


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