AWP Fabrication

AWP Fabrication

Since 1953, AWP Fabrication has been designing and manufacturing products from a state of the art 120,000 square foot facility.


 “Our objective is to provide our clients
industrial solutions”

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At AWP, we produce products and components for all industries.

We fabricate components and products within the metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, custom metal fabrication, and stainless steel fabrication sectors.  We approach each design with our “perfectionist attitude”. Whether we’re fabricating a high volume run or fabricating a prototype, we will always exceed our client’s expectations.



Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Stainless Steel Fabrication

Our sheet metal fabrication division regularly provides our client’s over the top service.  In the past, we’ve focused on store fixtures that involve metal, wood, and plastic.  Our facility operates with the assistance of the most technologically-advanced machinery, including a full line of CNC machines. We have a laser cutter, CNC punch machine, CNC 5 Axis and 3 Axis, shearing machine, and robotic welder. For a full list of our capabilities, please view our capabilities page.

We produce all products and components with the end user in mind, and always offer engineering suggestions to our customers.  We are in the business of exceeding our clients’ expectations.  Our products include brackets, chassis, solar mounts, industrial railings, custom carts, custom gates, and other fabricated applications.  We use sheet metal materials such as pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.  Please have a look at our capabilities page for more details on the various sizes and thicknesses that we offer.

AWP’s staff uses our technological equipment to offer metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, custom metal fabrication, and stainless steel fabrication services that meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.  Among other sectors, we produce products and components for the transportation, consumer product, construction, and architectural sectors.

Our engineers have many years of experience, which benefits our clients.  They work very closely with our sales team and production staff, and have given us our reputation for finding the most efficient ways to produce fabricated products.  Our team can take a thought, translate it into a conceptual idea, and develop it into a detailed Solid Works engineering design.

Once a client has offered their ideas, our sales team brings the project to our “think tank.”  We hold a weekly meeting at which salespeople, engineers, and production staff all come together to prepare entire projects. We are small enough to allow for frictionless communication, but large enough to fabricate high-volume requests.  We work by developing a variety of sketches, and suggest ideas that make sense.  AWP does not waste our clients’ valuable time, and we prefer to work behind the scenes. In some cases, our sales team will visit a location and ask questions.  We want to make sure that all project requirements are assessed thoughtfully and accurately, and pride ourselves on sourcing information that our clients haven’t considered.  Once a client signs off on our drawings, we proceed to production.

In designing fabricated applications, we focus on the end result. All components must fit flawlessly into applications, and our main objective is to accurately align all new components with existing installations. We also view the small details of the landscape, which we know can change future specifications. Whether it’s an industrial railing that requires ease of accessibility or solar mounts that involve customized ground and roof-top placements, we ensure that our clients obtain their intended outcome.

For engineers that need to fabricate prototypes, we have sound prototype procedures in place.  Our objective is to enhance each original prototype.  We know that a prototype project goes through an evolution of development, and in most cases, we develop various experimental versions that our client can test market in the field.  Based on the field data, we modify the prototype in our facility. We believe in working to adjust to our clients’ specifications, and make sure that our final products function as they are intended to.

AWP is a unique company that delivers results.  Our metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, custom metal fabrication, and stainless steel fabrication division will offer fabricated components that produce results.  Our 120,000 square-foot facility enables us to fabricate large-scale orders or small prototype orders.  We fabricate all of our components in-house and use CNC equipment during the metal-fabrication process.  Our team’s mandate is to provide solutions and suggestions that will enhance our clients’ ideas and designs, and in most cases, we do not charge for consultation or design support.  All of our employees play a part in the production process.  Our sales team, production staff, and engineers deliver results.  We are committed to fabricating quality products and components for all industries and clients.

Our mindset is focused on attention to detail, sharing knowledge, providing in-depth suggestions, offering reliable service, always completing projects on time, and, most importantly, guaranteeing satisfaction.

Our team will always work to exceed your expectations.